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GPRS module is a breakout board and minimum system of SIM900A Dual-band GSM/GPRS module. It can communicate with controllers via AT commands. This module supports software power on and reset.


  • Power supply by 5V, can be powered by USB, for long term use it is better to still use 1A current power source. XH2.54-2P connector.
  • TTL 5V and 3V3 interface (yellow pins marked on board), compatible with arduino, STM32, raspberry pi, ESP8266 etc.
  • On board RS232 interface, easy for debugging. On the left, white pins.
  • On board ring signal LED, on the left-top corner of SIM900A IC.
  • On Board reset and restart pins, on the bottom of the SIM900A IC.
  • Reserved IPX mini connector, but not yet soldered.
  • Standard SMA antenna connector.
  • Serial port is protected by TVS and beads circuit, to prevent any surging current or HV.
  • SIM circuit has SMF05C electrostatics releasing IC.
  • Package includes antenna and DC jack.
  • Do NOT have audio power jack on board, which means you can not hearing or speaking through the call.
  • Board size is 5×5 CM


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