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Preserve Energy Data on Sonoff Pow R2 using Tasmota

Tasmota is an opensource Sonoff compatible firmware which supercharge the the Sonoff Smart Switches with tons of functionality and options as compared to the stock firmware. Sonoff Pow R2 is a featured smart switch with power monitoring capabilities and combination of Sonoff Pow R2, Tasmota and Home Assistant / Hassio takes it to next level […]

Complete Guide to Home Automation

Contents: Home automation Central Control System Mosquitto NGINX Samba Node-Red Node-Red Nodes Sensor Node Making all the stuff talk to each other Node Red User Interface Home automation is the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), appliances, and security. Modern systems generally consist […]

Domoticz Tasmota: Control Sonoff without Internet

Sonoff is a family of Smart WiFi Switches to control almost every electric gadget in our home. All type of Sonoff devices are connected to cloud servers attached to user account and user may control them using eWeLink iOS and Android apps. Internet is the backbone of whole system connecting Sonoff devices and eWeLink iOS and […]

ESPMetRED an Arduino IDE compatible library to communicate ESP8266 and Node-Red via MQTT

This library can be used to control ESP8266 nodes from Node-Red. Just burn Examples/ESPMetRED/ESPMetRED.ino to your ESP8266 using Arduino IDE and you are ready to go. Contents: Features Client API Server API Features: Arduino IDE compatible Works with all ESP8266 SOICs such as ESP-12E, ESP-12F and boards such as NodeMCU, WeMos D1 Mini etc. Back […]