Monthly Archives: September 2018

Domoticz: Sonoff Local Control Dashboard

Domoticz is a very light opensource home automation system which can be configured to control our Sonoff Smart Switches. Sonoff Tasmota Firmware have builtin support for Domoticz and We can get the things ready by following very few simple steps. Best thing about Domoticz is that it also have iOS and Android App available for […]

Tasmota: Sonoff TH Temperature & Humidity Local Control

This guide is a part of Domoticz Tasmota: Control Sonoff without Internet and Yeti Tasmota: Control Sonoff without Internet Instantly which require firmware modification by upgrading official Sonoff firmware to opensource Sonoff Tasmota firmware. By installing Tasmota firmware, We’ll be able to achieve local control of Sonoff TH (either TH-10 / TH-16 equipped with temperature & humidity […]

Yeti Tasmota: Control Sonoff without Internet Instantly

Sonoff is a family of Smart WiFi Switches to control almost every electric gadget in our home. All type of Sonoff devices are connected to cloud servers attached to user account and user may control them using eWeLink iOS and Android apps. Internet is the backbone of whole system connecting Sonoff devices and eWeLink iOS and […]