Monthly Archives: November 2016

Accessing Raspberry Pi on first boot without keyboard mouse and display directly from PC using SSH

Visit our new tutorial “Raspbian Stretch Headless Setup on Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, Pi 3“ which is easier but it works for Raspbian Stretch and does not work on previous versions of Raspbian such as Raspbian Jessie. Contents: Accessing Raspberry Pi on first boot Assigning Static IP address to Raspberry Pi Connecting to WiFi Access […]

Arduino custom library and pubsubclient call back

Months back when I tried to make my own library consisting of all necessary code (“ESPMetRED” with it’s user friendly API) which included few other libraries such as PubSubClient MQTT Library, I experienced callback issue with PubSubClient MQTT library written by former IBM guy Nick O’Leary. I had raised an issue over github and few guys tried to help […]